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Why A Necklace Is The Best Christmas Gift For Your Love One  Rate it

Customize your loved one's Christmas

Necklaces are great gifts ideas, especially for a loved one on Christmas. Whether you are in search of a gift for your spouse, your child, or your parent, a necklace is an appropriate choice. Seems too easy, right? Well, picking up any old necklace just might be. Customized necklaces are the best way to give a classic gift while showing that you care. There is no better feeling than giving. Why not give a gift that the receiver will love and appreciate? They are a fantastic way to spread a little personalized Christmas cheer to the people that you love.

  • A necklace is a great gift for loved ones of any age. Adults will love them, as well as kids and teenagers.
  • Customized nameplates and pendants allow you to create the perfect gift.
  • There is even the option to choose what your loved oneís necklace and nameplate are made from. Choose between silver, gold-plated silver, gold or white gold. There are also varying lengths available for the perfect fit.
  • Customization also allows you to the opportunity to give a gift that will be meaningful to the receiver.
  • They are a great way to show that you were thinking specifically of your loved one.
  • Nameplate necklaces are a new take on a traditional gift. Almost everyone has a necklace, but do they have one with a nameplate or monogram pendant? One created especially for them?

  • These necklaces are stylish. Your loved one can wear them whether they are dressed up or dressed down.
  • Because they are offered in a variety of metals and finishes, customized nameplate necklaces are available in a wide range of prices.
  • Gifting a customized necklace allows the chance to create a memory that your loved one can cherish. Each time they see or wear it they will be reminded how much you love and care for them and the special day that they were given
  • A necklace is a gift that can last a lifetime. Your loved one can keep it for many years to come, and even pass it on to future generations as a symbol of love.

Special Christmas Discounts Customized Necklaces

Name Necklace Sale Announces 40% Discount Coupon and a Weekly Draw of 100 Free Necklaces  Rate it

Leading provider of top quality personalized necklaces and name pendants,, announces a weekly giveaway of 100 free necklaces and a 40% discount coupon to celebrate the launch of its new Facebook page.

NY, New York (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

Leading provider of top quality personalized necklaces and name pendants,, announces a weekly giveaway of 100 free necklaces and a 40% discount coupon to celebrate the launch of its new Facebook page.

Name Necklace Sale offers personalized jewelry online in discount prices and a wide range of designs and customization options. Customers enjoy free global shipping or a quick delivery with additional costs. Chain options include different chain lengths that suit different age groups and different chain styles (twisted chain, light box chain, box chain, Figaro, rolo, and more). Other customization options include pendent thickness (regular or double strength) and font styles, from the classic cursive Carrie name necklace, to block letters and vertical pendants.

Name Necklace Sale provides a selection of 14 karat gold name necklaces, sterling silver name necklaces, white gold necklaces and gold plated necklaces that can include one name, two names or initials, which can also be underlined or accentuated with a decorative motif. For example, to create a romantic gift, customers can opt for a design that includes a heart shape or a little cupid. Additional ornaments to the name pendent include personality symbols such as a butterfly, a dolphin, or a star, sports ornaments such as a football, a basketball or a soccer ball. Customers who wish to mark their faith can select special cross pendants with the name inscribed on them, or a name necklace that includes a small cross. Another way to mark your faith or heritage is an angel ornament or a clover pendent. Mothers, or customers shopping for a Motherís Day gift can opt for heart shame pendants or Kids pendants where you can inscribe the initials on the each pendant.

The different finishing styles include brushed gold, smooth finish, sparkling diamond-cut sterling silver, and Swarovski Name Necklaces. For gold plated pendants, customers can choose between 14k plating, 18k plating or 24k plating. The chains and pendants are made of pure metal according to highest standards of the jewelry industry, and produced using a special process that ensures that the longevity of the name necklace by making it more durable and tarnish resistant.

To celebrate the launch of its new Facebook page, is announcing a weekly draw of 100 free name necklaces, which will be distributed among facebook users who Like the page. In addition to participation in the draw, every user who likes the page automatically receives a 40% discount coupon for This promotion will run from April 1st until April 30st and its limited to only 999 necklaces. The 40% discount coupon can be claimed at

Website : NameNecklaceSale

Facebook Promotion Page : NameNecklaceSale Promotion

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Name Necklace Sale Released A 15% Coupon Code Toward The Launch Of Its 2013 Monogram Necklace Spring Collection  Rate it

New YORK ,New Jersey, Connecticut -- Apr 28, 2013 -- Top provider of high quality personalized jewellery is announcing the release of its Spring 2013 Collection, which include the hottest current trends in personalized jewellery: monogram necklaces, monogram name rings, and name earrings. The launch of the collection is celebrated with a 15% discount on all products. is a leading online merchant of name necklaces and customized jewellery. The online store offer a wide variety of gold, gold plated, white gold, and sterling silver name necklaces, name bracelets, name earrings, name rings and name key rings. The pendants and jewellery are available in different finishes such as smooth, brushed, sparkly and adorned with Swarovski gems. The jewellery is made pure metals according to highest industry standards. A unique creation process ensures the durability of the jewel and its resistance to stains, which means that customer would enjoy their purchase for many years to come.

The new collection that has been launched on the website include the hottest new accessories trend: monogram jewellery. Monogram necklaces, monogram rings and monogram earrings mark the next step in personalized jewellery; since the very design monogram is based on the three letter initials of the customerís name, the endless combinations ensure that the customer receives a truly unique and rare jewel like no other. Every name necklaceís chain can be also customized, as customers can choose chain length and style, such as twisted chain, light box chain, box chain, Figaro chain, rolo chain, and more.

The monogram necklace collection includes classic cursive monogram in a rounded medallion frame or frameless, monogram key pendants, modern print style monograms, and cool graffiti style pendants. The monogram name bracelet collection features loose and delicate bracelets holding the centrepiece which is made of the customerís initials. This collection also includes colour filled bracelets.

The name earrings collection features monogram earrings in classic cursive letters, and in modern block letters. This collection is also featured in gold, gold plating and sterling silver, as well as with colour fill. The name rings includes a selection of prestigious gold name rings and silver rings for women and for men, with classic monograms as well as modern styles. In addition, NameNecklaceSale now offers luxury gifts such as personalized gold key rings, as well as gold plated and sterling silver key rings with one or two words.

The new collection, as well as the classic line of name necklaces in various designs and materials is now available with a 15% discount. To receive the discount customers should enter the necklace coupon code A8C32249 during checkout. The 15% discount coupon is valid from May 1st to May 20th. Customers are welcome to view the full collection at

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