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2 Names and heart Gold Plated Personalized Key Chain

2 Names Gold Plated Personalized Key Chain

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Two Names and Heart Gold Plated Personalized Key Chain

This personalized gold plated key ring features two names or words in a cursive letter font, and a golden heart between them. This custom key chain is a lovely gift for the one who holds the keys to your heart. Looking for a romantic gesture to mark your moving in together? Looking for a housewarming gift for a lovely couple? Join both your names on the key chain is the best way to express your feelings, or your best wishes for the recipient of the gift.

Another lovely way to turn this customized key ring into a great gift is to pick inspiring words that the recipient will read every time he or she come home or leave home, or go into their car. For example, you can pick the words “You’re Home” or “Drive Safe”. If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift, you can make use of the heart shape to create a message, such as “We heart Mom”.

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