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Gold Name Ring Hand Script Style

Gold Name Ring Hand Script Style
Material:    14K Gold
Style: Cursive  Script Style
Engraving inside / outside: Outside
Width:    0.23" / 6 mm
Thickness:    0.06" / 1.6 mm
Font Size:    0.11"-0.15" / 3-4 mm
Price: $599.00
Our Price: $499.99
You Save: $99.01 (17%)
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Name or Word (up to 9 letters):
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This 14K luxury name ring features a customizable inscription in beautiful cursive handwriting style. The delicate black letters are laid upon a flat face bold gold ring, in a fascinating and stylish contradiction.

This name ring can feature your name, the name of a person you love, or a meaningful word that inspires you.  This top quality gold name ring is a classic piece of jewelry suits both men and women, who will enjoy it for many years.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift that would leave a lasting impression on the one you love, this ring is a perfect choice. The design and feel screams top-quality, and you can never miss the target with a personalized piece of jewelry. You can inscribe it with a statement of love, with your term of endearment, with the title of your song..Whatever you choose to inscribe will stay there forever as a token of your love.

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Positive Customer Review
Sabin (Guest)
Best anniversary gift
My husband and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. We decided against wasting money surprising each other with gifts that we might not like or need, yes, unfortunately that happens..maybe we'll be well of cure of that by our 10th anniversary?
So we got matching gold jewelry because gold is always a smart investment and doesn't lose worth.
We got this ring with script letters for myself, and my husband got a gold ring with print letters. We ordered both rings with the inscription of the word FIRE, because Johnny Cash is our favorite artist, and Ring of Fire was the first song to be played at our wedding.
We're both really happy with these rings and that was by far the best anniversary gifts we ever came up with.
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