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3 Letters Gold Monogram Necklace - Closed

3 Letters Gold Monogram Necklace - Close
Material:    Gold 0.925
Style:    Monogram Name Necklace
Thickness:    0.7mm / 0.03"
Height of pendant:   30mmx30mm / 1.18"x1.18"
Chain style:    Bead Chain
Chain length:    14",16",18",20",22"
Price: $250.00
Our Price: $199.99
You Save: $50.01 (20%)
Chain length:
Chain style:
Pleas select the first letter (1/3):
Pleas select the second letter (2/3):
Pleas select the third letter (3/3):

3 Letters Gold Monogram Necklace - Closed

This chic three initial block letter gold necklace offers a modern interpretation to the classic lace monogram necklace. This designed necklace places 3 cutout block letters in a rounded gold frame. This 3 letter gold necklace is made of best quality, tarnish resistant and scratch resistant gold. The chain's length and style can be customized.

To personalize your necklace please enter your initials in the exact order you wish them to appear. It's the costume to use the following order: First name, Last name, Middle name. However, you can also place it as First, Middle, Last.

In addition to your name's initials, you can use this design to showcase any initials that represent you, such as your city (ATL necklace, NYC necklace, or PHX necklace, for example) or it can represent your favorite Sport team.

A block letter monogram necklace suits all ages, and when paired with a thicker chain (box or Figaro style) also perfectly suits men. This gold accessory is a great gift to get for yourself, as well as a great personalized birthday gift, Christmas gift, or an anniversary gift.

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