Man Necklace

Man Necklace

Right Side Gold Cross Name Necklace

Right Side Gold Cross Name Necklace Small
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Right Side Gold Cross Name Necklace
Never has it been cooler than having your name in your own necklace
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Man Necklace
Man Name Necklace

Amazing, unique and personalized name necklaces aren't only for women! This diverse collection of styles and designs are perfect for men and young boys.  With various sports themes and customized number pendants, all these selections can be specially customized to a male customers liking.  Perfect for a keepsake, to commemorate a basketball game or an expression of loyalty, these name necklaces are ideal for men who want to carry of piece of their loved one, friend or family member with them.

As well, these subtle yet slightly sophisticated necklaces can easily accommodate any man's wardrobe. This particular collection is just simple enough to accent any casual wear attire or upscale formal tuxedo for weddings and major classy events.  These wonderful man name necklaces would be a wonderful token of appreciation for a loving boyfriend, husband, best friend or brother. With different chain length options, he can choose to wear it as a long pendant or keep it hidden and close to his heart.